Point of View and the Organization

Point of View and the Organization

Point of View and the Organization

As a leader, I have an inner cry to know where I stand in the big picture. I need to have my boundaries of influence and authority articulated and expressed to those around me.

In high school art class, we were instructed to choose a perspective for our drawings. That selection would frame the shape and shading of all elements in the picture. The things closest to me would then be that largest. Beyond that, the rest of the elements diminished progressively in size and importance. Once I settled on my perspective, everything else was defined. The things farther from me were still valuable to the picture, but served more as supporting images that created context or filled out the whole story in the visual.


What clarity do you have about where you stand in the big picture of your organization?

“I am the Senior Leader,” you might say. “That is my position. So that this my point of view.”

Not necessarily. Position contributes, but does not have to dictate point of view.

Consider, what is your leadership style? Commander-in-chief—orders given and expected to be followed? Quarterback—active in the field, but calling the plays? Player/Coach—doing your best tasks in the game, but also trying to communicate the big picture? Coach—not actually doing the plays, but empowering others while creating alignment to the vision?

Your answer strongly defines your point of view and shapes the rest of the picture.

Objective: To discover and embrace the point of view that releases the best me, the best team and the best results overall.

Processing Questions:

What is your present point of view?

From this place, what is working well in your leadership?

What areas need fresh solutions?

What point of view provides the best growth options?

What is your next step take to make a shift?

Processing Support:

Create reflection time and write down your thoughts.

Ask for feedback from your leadership team to describe your point of view.

Engage a leadership coach as a thinking partner.


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