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  • Like a puzzle being formed: Each week of the Real Change Global curriculum adds one more piece to the puzzle in a trainee’s understanding and skill in leadership coaching. Our goal is to inspire the discovery of a coaching paradigm and the acquisition of skills to lead from this perspective.
  • Recognizing real growth: The consistent flow of the weekly assignments creates a momentum for change. As the trainee moves through the course, the pieces of information and experience connect to form a foundation for releasing empowerment and growth.
  • Innovative and flexible delivery system-Individualized scheduling: Unlike the traditional class format, Real Change Global training is individualized, interactive, and experiential. This design allows for flexible scheduling, utilizes technology effectively, and offers connections without geographical limitations.
  • Innovative and varied modes: Consistent with the belief that an evaluated experience releases growth, the courses have uniquely-designed methods of study. Weekly assignments offer a variety of activities and information acquisition. The materials include guided reflections, audio downloads, surveys, assessments, and personal growth exercises that provide real-life application.
  • Experiential learning: Through the course, the trainee can expect transformation professionally and personally as well as growth in interpersonal skills for immediate application. The goal is not information acquisition, but assimilation of leadership coaching values and skills that will optimize work and personal performance.
  • Synergy and community development – Relationship building: Each trainee will partner with a peer trainee throughout the course as well as an assigned coach trainer. Weekly training appointments occur alternately with the peer, the coach trainer individually, and the coach trainer with the peer. These interactions are scheduled individually and may occur either in person, on the phone, or via internet calls.
  • Group dynamics: The benefits of collaborative learning are realized in the two group meetings. The creative energy of like-minded leaders in an atmosphere of authenticity releases intensified discovery and change.