JODI WOZNIAK, Senior Leadership Coach and Trainer


Since I was a child, I’ve sought ways to make people feel better and be better. Now I know why. I’m called to empower hearts to discover what makes them special by pursuing their purpose and dreams. I love the light bulb moments and when courage overcomes fear fueled by passion to meet a need. Needs vary—emerging leaders ready for development, life transitions revealing opportunity for change, teams waiting to work together in a culture of honor, and people hungry for more. Whatever the untapped potential, it must be discovered and released.


Teaching high school Speech and Drama was my first career outlet for empowering hearts. But I desired more. Ministry became my next focus which led me to study counseling at the Masters level, the most logical path I knew for truly helping others grow. Then I discovered coaching. Everything in me came alive at the convergence of my DNA, passion and dreams. In the end, I graduated from Regent University’s seminary with an MA in Practical Theology and a concentration in Leadership Coaching and Counseling. Equipped with skill and ignited by passion, I pursued my first big Dream and launched a coaching business full-time in 2004.


Now I have the privilege of championing others to discover their life purpose and fulfill dreams in my coaching niche. I am a Master Trainer of coaches and co-writer of coach training curriculum for world changers and leaders. I’ve enjoyed partnerships with corporate teams, universities, churches, and organizations. No matter the setting, I am passionate about getting people unstuck. I receive the same fulfillment when I speak to large groups and motivate them to embrace growth and opportunity. Always with a coaching paradigm, I inspire people to take action and apply life-giving principles.


Believing there is always more—more potential, more impact, more purpose—I will always empower others on this quest. What if every individual, team, and organization intentionally pursued their purpose and dreams? What if you did? Just imagine what we’d accomplish together.