BONNIE WOZNIAK, CEO, Master Leadership Coach and Trainer


I believe in people. I believe in their worth and the brightness of their future. That’s why I come alive when I equip and empower others to fulfill their potential. I want to model and multiply a coaching-style leadership paradigm. Consensus, authenticity, creativity and growth-mindset characterize my leadership style. Together let’s explore possibilities, trail blaze the vision and activate excellence. And let’s draw out the best in others to achieve greatness.


Lifelong learning describes key elements of my story. With a foundation in English and Speech, I continued with a Masters in Education plus graduate credits in Leadership Coaching and Organizational Leadership. As an educator in private high school for 34 years, my greatest delight was to facilitate my students’ discovery and development of their voice, their unique perspective and message. As an innovator, I created new programs and promoted leadership training in my sphere of influence. As a people-developer, I became a Master Coach and Trainer. When the educator-season ended, I discovered my entrepreneurial side and founded 3 companies. My journey is leading me to exciting places and amazing opportunities to be a change agent who fosters empowerment and transformational growth.


My greatest privilege—raising 5 amazing children who live with purpose and integrity. Now the three sons have married excellent women and have 8 grandchildren. My daughters, beautiful inside and out, are pursuing their dreams. Married for 40 years, my husband and I are both committed to leaving a legacy of passionate influencers. In all things I want to live authentically, with integrity and grace.


What if leaders lived with growing strength of character and purpose? What if people could discover their God-given design and destiny? Then, what if, they could be empowered to live more strong, free and fulfilled? That is the world I am committed to coach into existence. Just imagine…for you.