Author’s Place in the Picture

Author’s Place in the Picture

Author’s Place in the Picture

staircase-perspective-george-ozeI stand uniquely in my place in the picture of leadership development and organizational health and high performance. Along the way my canvasses for expression have been not the typical story to lead to this position. I make no apologies. This world is for me. My passions are deep and wide to equip and empower others to discover their voice and live in the fullness of their potential. And, our fullness is meant to be expressed in community, in multiple organizational expressions. We each have a unique purpose that must be discovered and embraced and matured.

Here I stand, ready to grow and inspire growth. Let’s dialogue. Let’s innovate. Let’s discover greatness and exceptional living. Let’s share insights and ideas, learn new skills, and empower others to become the best. Let’s build exceptional organizations to impact the world for good.

I invite you to explore different perspectives, to consider your heart and motives, and to live courageously in exceptional community. Let’s talk about how to work well, get remarkable results, and change lives and communities brilliantly!

Bonnie Wozniak


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