Bonnie Wozniak, CEO

Meet Bonnie Wozniak


I believe in people. I believe in their worth and the brightness of their future. That’s why I come alive when I equip and empower others to fulfill their potential. I want to model and multiply a coaching-style leadership paradigm. Consensus, strategy, synthesis, authenticity, creativity, and growth-mindset characterize my leadership style. Together let’s explore possibilities, conquer the obstacles, trail blaze the vision and activate excellence. And let’s draw out the best in others to achieve greatness. What if leaders lived with growing strength of character and purpose? What if people could discover their God- given design and destiny? Then, what if, they could be empowered to live more strong, free, and fulfilled? That is the world I am committed to coach into existence. Just imagine…for you.


Lifelong learning describes key elements of my story. With a foundation in English and Speech, I continued with a Masters in Education plus graduate credits in Leadership Coaching and Organizational Leadership. As an educator in private high school for 34 years, my greatest delight was to facilitate my students’ discovery and development of their voice, their unique perspective and message. As an innovator, I created new programs and promoted leadership training in my sphere of influence. As a people-developer, I became a Master Coach and Trainer. When the educator-season ended, I discovered my entrepreneurial side and founded three companies—coaching training, marketplace leadership and organizational development and a non-profit residence home for women with life- controlling issues. With two of my children, we wrote three semesters of professional-grade life and leadership coach training. My journey is leading me to amazing opportunities to be a change agent who fosters strategic clarity, empowerment and transformational growth in leaders and organizations.


Personally, my greatest privilege—raising 5 amazing children who live with purpose and integrity. Now the three sons have married excellent women and I have 13 grandchildren. My two daughters, beautiful inside and out, are pursuing their dreams. My husband and I are both committed to leaving a legacy of passionate influencers. In all things I want to live authentically, with integrity and grace.


Professionally, I have coached and consulted in various high-level organizations in a variety of industries such as marketing/communications, nursing homes, financial agencies, and entrepreneurs. My most notable work has been as a coaching partner with two of Chick-fil-A Corporate’s 15-month leadership development pilots, High Performance Organizations and Win Every Day. In both experiences I gained in-depth strategies and skillsets to empower maximum results and high-quality care for the Operators, staff and customers 

Jodi Wozniak, COO

Meet Jodi Wozniak


Believing there is always more—more potential, more impact, more purpose—I will always empower others on this quest. I love the light bulb moments and when courage overcomes fear fueled by passion to meet a need. Needs vary—emerging leaders ready for development, life transitions revealing opportunity for change, teams waiting to work together in a culture of honor, and people hungry for more. What if every individual, team, and organization intentionally pursued their purpose and potential to win? What if you did? Just imagine what we’d accomplish together. My goal is to partner with thousands by providing coaching and consulting to develop people of integrity empowered to transform their world.


Teaching high school Speech and Drama was my first career outlet for empowering hearts. But I desired more. Ministry became my next focus which led me to study counseling at the Masters level, the most logical path I knew for truly helping others grow. Then I discovered coaching. Everything in me came alive at the convergence of my DNA, passion and dreams. In the end, I graduated from Regent University’s seminary with an MA in Practical Theology and a concentration in Leadership Coaching and Counseling. Equipped with skill and ignited by passion, I pursued my first big Dream and launched a coaching business full-time in 2004. I became a coach when most didn’t know what it was and, in the years since, I’ve learned so much about why people get stuck, what catalyzes change, and how the best leaders excel.


I have the privilege of championing others to discover their life purpose and fulfill dreams in my life coaching niche. I am a Master Trainer of coaches and co-writer of coach training curriculum for world changers and leaders. I’ve studied high performing organizations and leadership best practicing for excelling at execution to facilitate daily team wins. I’ve enjoyed partnerships with corporate teams, universities, churches, and organizations. 

No matter the setting, I am passionate about getting people unstuck and to live from their full potential. 
I receive the same fulfillment when I speak to large groups and motivate them to embrace growth and opportunity. Always with a coaching paradigm, I inspire people to take action and apply life-giving principles. Because of my years as a life coach, I bring unique insight and care to leaders I coach and teams I consult. 

I find tremendous synergy with leaders of similar values and have worked with multiple high revenue 
companies, including Chick-fil-A, ADMO, and Swoz Consulting to name a few. With Chick-fil-A I served as a primary leadership coach on two of their corporate leadership development initiatives that were each 15 month pilot programs to affect real change. I consider it a privilege to have gained firsthand insights and principles for how to develop a strong leadership culture and winning teams. My combined experience working with individuals and teams provides a perspective of both the big picture and ground level that allows me to serve my clients well.