Transforming leaders through customized experiences

Real Change Global Corporation provides customizable, application-oriented leadership coaching, leadership training, coach training, and personal development. We believe in a transformational and collaborative approach in order to cultivate high-performing leaders. Our focus is to create growth in three primary areas:


• Sharpening the leader’s voice
• Aligning with the cultural identity and vision


• Maturing the intangibles
• Pursuing personal growth and self-leadership


• Excelling at execution
• Cultivating the expansion of leadership potential

A word from Bonnie...

I believe in people. I believe in their worth and the brightness of their future. I come alive when I equip and empower others to fulfill their potential.


Growth happens through an evaluated experience, not just information transfer. As a result, the coaching partnership ignites the most notable changes in perspective and practices.

Bonnie Wozniak - CEO, Master Leadership Coach and Trainer

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The pursuit of power is universal and rightly human. I want to know that I can make a difference. I want whatever it takes, the power, to do just that.

Let’s clarify terms and point of view. The role of leader inherently means power. A leader is someone who has influence, an expression of power. The parameters of influence define the degree of power. The leader must identify the desired level of authority and then determine and walk the path to reach that level. Once achieved the leader must decide how to handle that authority.

Let’s get practical. What does power look like to you? Tell someone your answer.

Now, how do you handle the power you are given? This is the critical factor.

I think great leaders “give away” their power without losing their power. And the fascinating result is multiplication, a practice gains more influence.

The life-blood of a high performance organization is the flow of empowerment, of releasing initiative and ownership throughout the organization. A culture of honor and dignity thrives as the members feel the power to make a difference and to be aware of their contribution to reach the goals and succeed.


Count the ways you empower others. Now in the next 30 days, double it. To figure out ideas, go to your team to create these new avenues for growth and releasing others.

Then, evaluate the impact on yourself and the others in your organization. Track changes in attitude and in concrete results. Let me know how it goes.